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AI Regulation in 2024

AI Regulation in 2024

As the impact of AI increases in our daily lives, governments and regulatory bodies globally are grappling with the need to establish clear guidelines and standards for its responsible use. 2024 is poised to be the year of AI regulation.

ChatGPT and Gemini – The Bard Replacement from Google are popular AI powered chat bots. With around 180.5 million users generating 1.6 billion visits in December 2023, ChatGPT is facing increased scrutiny, privacy, and regulatory challenges.

In March 2023, Italy became the first Western country to block ChatGPT due to privacy concerns raised by its data protection regulator. The regulator cited the lack of a suitable legal basis for data collection and processing, the potential for inaccurate information about individuals, and child safety concerns, suspecting breaches of EU GDPR articles.

The EU AI Act, set to come into force in 2025 with a two year transition period, will impose comprehensive rules for AI applications, including a risk-based system to address potential threats to health and safety, and human rights.

UK businesses and entities engaged in AI-related activities will still be affected by the Act if they intend to operate within the EU market, despite Brexit.

Practical steps recommended by the ICO include taking a data protection by design and default approach, being transparent about data usage, and identifying potential risks to people’s privacy through Data Protection Impact Assessments.

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