AGI Honors Exemplary Work in India’s Key Sectors

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The AGI India Awards were announced on February 20, 2024, at the India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2024. The awards were presented by Shri Hitesh Kumar S. Makwana, IAS, Surveyor General, and Shri Pramod Kaushik, President, AGI, to recognize exemplary work in the fields of Digital Transformation, Agriculture, Governance & Development Planning, Water Resources, Modernizing State Governance, Urban Management, Land Administration, and Regional Collaboration. The purpose of the awards was to acknowledge and promote the use of innovative geospatial technologies for projects with tangible social and economic impact.

AGI India received 31 nominations from various central and state government agencies, the geospatial private sector, and academia across different categories. The nominations were evaluated based on the project size, innovative use of geospatial technologies, impact, and outcomes by a distinguished and independent jury comprising Dr. V. K. Dadhwal and Shri Devendra Pandey.

President Pramod Kaushik commended the winners, expressing how their work has advanced geospatial technology adoption and utilization in India across diverse sectors. He also highlighted the promising outlook for the geospatial industry in India, with the recently launched National Geospatial Policy fostering an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.

The winners in various award categories include:

– Excellence in Digital Transformation – Himachal Pradesh GDC, Survey of India
– Excellence in Agriculture – Farmonaut Technologies
– Excellence in Governance & Development Planning – Ministry of Panchayati Raj
– Excellence in Water Resources – National Mission for Clean Ganga
– Excellence in Modernizing State Governance – Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre
– Excellence in Urban Management – Municipal Corporation of Delhi
– Excellence in Land Administration – Directorate of Land Records, Govt of Haryana
– Excellence in Regional Collaboration – NESAC

Each winner showcased innovative projects utilizing geospatial technologies to address critical challenges and contribute to sustainable development. From leveraging satellite-based crop health monitoring to implementing real-time monitoring centers for water resources, these projects have made significant contributions to various sectors in India.

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