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“Improvement work is never done. Find a bottleneck in your system, address it, and repeat the process.”

This particular quote from the 2023 Accelerate State of DevOps Report has become a personal favorite due to its emphasis on the continual nature of improvement in work methods. It highlights the need for ongoing adaptation and innovation in the workplace without succumbing to the exhaustion that constant change can bring.

The recent release of the new Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2023 by the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) Community, led mainly by Google, provides valuable insights and data points for companies striving to improve software delivery and operational performance. The report aims to help organizations understand their position and identify areas for ongoing enhancements in their software delivery journey.

The report emphasizes the importance of adopting a mindset and practice of continuous improvement for companies to benefit in software delivery and operational performance. DORA encourages organizations to focus on improving their software delivery and operational processes, as well as team performance to achieve sustainable success.

Additionally, the report highlights the correlation between information flow, software delivery, and employee well-being, underscoring the importance of sharing information and reducing knowledge silos to enhance productivity and reduce burnout.

The report provides key metrics and insights related to organizational, team, and employee performance, emphasizing the need for creating value, innovating, and fostering employee well-being.

  • Organizational Performance: It should produce not only revenue but also value for customers and the extended community.
  • Team Performance: The ability of an application or service team to create value, innovate, and collaborate.
  • Employee Well-Being: The strategies an organization or team adopts should benefit the employees—reduce burnout, foster a satisfying job experience, and increase productivity.

The report also outlines key metrics for software delivery performance and operational reliability, providing a comprehensive overview of factors contributing to organizational success.

Key Findings of the Report

  1. Establish a Healthy Culture: Teams with generative cultures have 30% higher organizational performance.
  2. Build with Users in Mind: Teams focusing on users have 40% higher organizational performance.
  3. Unlock Software Delivery Performance with Faster Code Reviews: Teams with faster code reviews have 50% higher software delivery performance.
  4. Amplify Technical Capabilities with Quality Documentation: Trunk-based development with high-quality documentation is estimated to have 12.8x more impact on organizational performance.
  5. Increase Infrastructure Flexibility with Cloud: Infrastructure flexibility can lead to 30% higher organizational performance than inflexible infrastructures.
  6. Balance Delivery Speed, Operational Performance, and User Focus: Strong software delivery and operational performance balanced with a user focus are crucial for organizational success.
  7. Distribute Work Fairly: Monitoring work distribution is essential to prevent burnout and promote fairness in the workplace.


“None of this works without investing in culture; teams with generative culture have 30% higher organizational performance.”

The report highlights the significance of culture in driving organizational performance and employee well-being. A healthy culture can reduce burnout, increase productivity, and enhance job satisfaction, making it essential for sustained success.

The key takeaway from the 2023 report is the importance of leveraging a Westrum Generative Culture to improve organizational and team performance. Aligning culture with practices and practices with culture is crucial for fostering a healthy work environment and boosting productivity.

Interested in what DevOps practices drive successful software delivery and operational performance? Download the full Accelerate State of DevOps 2023 Report to learn more.

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