6 Ways to Simplify SaaS Identity Governance

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Nudge Security

Managing SaaS Identity Governance Made Easy with Nudge Security

As SaaS applications become the predominant technology used by employees in organizations, the task of identity governance becomes increasingly complex. Centralized IT teams are responsible for managing and securing app access, but with the sheer volume and variety of individual SaaS apps, it becomes nearly impossible for them to become experts in the nuances of native security settings and access controls for each app.

Nudge Security is a SaaS security and governance solution designed to address this challenge by engaging application owners in the business who are most familiar with how the tool is used and the specific access needs. Here’s how it works:

1. Discover and Categorize All SaaS Apps

Nudge Security enables IT and security teams to discover and categorize all SaaS applications being used in the organization. It provides a vendor security profile for each app, allowing teams to vet and assign approval statuses such as “Approved,” “Acceptable,” or “Unacceptable.”

2. Share Directory of Approved Apps with Employees

With Nudge Security, organizations can create and share an app directory with employees, empowering them to adopt approved applications that meet security and compliance standards. Employees can submit access requests directly to application owners, reducing the need for IT to be the intermediary.

3. Keep App Owners Up to Date

Nudge Security automates the process of confirming app ownership and keeping technical contact information up to date, eliminating the need for manual effort in tracking down the right people within the organization.

4. Automate User Access Reviews

Compliance requirements for periodic user access reviews are automated with Nudge Security, consolidating responses from app users and owners into a comprehensive report for auditors.

5. Identify and Clean Up Unused Accounts

Nudge Security monitors cloud and SaaS account status, enabling organizations to identify and prune inactive and abandoned accounts, reducing SaaS sprawl and potential cost overruns.

6. Ensure Complete Offboarding

Nudge Security provides a complete inventory of accounts associated with departing employees, automating key offboarding steps like account suspension, password resets, and revoking OAuth grants to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

Ready to regain control over SaaS security and governance? Start a free 14-day trial of Nudge Security now and experience the difference it can make for your organization.

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