4 Reasons GIS Careers Are the Best Careers

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GIS Careers

GIS Careers Ahead

February 20, 2023

It is a great time for geographic information systems (GIS) careers. Geographic tools are more accessible and more powerful than ever. Cloud-based applications allow users to work nearly anywhere, while crowd-sourced information has fueled a massive global dataset. Drones can create nearly instantaneous maps, while LiDAR sensors are building remarkable 3D worlds in real-time. If these advancements excite you and you are intrigued by how geospatial approaches can change your industry, a career in the dynamic, ever-evolving field of geospatial sciences may be a great option for you. Here are four reasons why GIS careers may be some of the best ones out there.

Reason #1: GIS Job Salaries Are Competitive

Given the many ways we use GIS technology to solve problems, it’s no surprise that job research site Zippia projects the demand for GIS analysts, technicians and similar jobs will increase 9% through 2028. That demand is translating to higher GIS salaries: median salaries are at their highest point in three years for jobs that ask for geographic information system skills, according to the labor database Lightcast.

Sample Positions

  • GIS technician
  • Geospatial analyst
  • Distribution engineer

The median salary for professionals with skills in geospatial information technology is $92,700. Some of the highest paying GIS jobs are at the managerial level. Here is how much some of these roles pay on average based on job title:

  • GIS Technician – $46,904
  • Survey CAD Technician – $46,904
  • CAD Drafter – $60,341
  • …and more

Source: Lightcast, 2022

At USC, many students report above-average salaries, with 55% of graduates employed at $75,000 or higher, as reported in USC GIST’s 2020 Student Outcome Survey. In addition, 57% of graduates report a pay increase after graduating from USC, making a master’s in geographic information science and technology a worthwhile investment. For more information on GIS as a career, plus outcomes and opportunities, visit USC’s GIS Careers page.

Reason #2: GIS Is a Growing Market

The GIS market is projected to reach $134.23 billion by 2030, according to an Emergen Research report in Directions Magazine.

Reason #3: You Can Find GIS Opportunities to Match Your Goals

GIS jobs make for great careers, but there is not a singular path for those with geospatial skills. Graduates of GIS programs are not limited to one industry or location.


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