Театр-студия Горошины’s Diary | Горошины: Раскрывая Творческое Полотно Театральной Студии на Васильевском острове

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Welcome to “Goroshiny” theatre studio, a unique multifunctional space located on Vasilyevsky Island at 6 Kima Avenue.

Our Main Directions:

Theatre School: Offering acting training for all ages.
Repertoire Theatre: Featuring a unique stage where various performances are presented.
Casting Agency: Supporting and promoting our talented artists.
Festival Center: Actively participating in festivals and cultural events.
In September, a preparatory department for creative children “Goroshinki” was launched at the school.

Cozy Theatre House:

Rehearsal halls
Costume department
Sewing workshop
Photo studio
The heart of our theatre is Stage One, an equipped stage where our thrilling performances take place in a repertoire theatre format!

Programs for All Ages:

Acting groups: For toddlers, schoolchildren, and adults.
Comprehensive program: Including not only acting skills but also dance, vocal ensemble, speech technique, stage movement, theatre history, cinema, and music.
Special courses: Theatre in a foreign language, fencing, sound engineering, mime, contemporary dance, and more.
The artistic director of the theatre studio is Evgenia Latonina.

How to Find Us:

Address: 1 Korpus 33, kv. 4, Komsomolsky Prospekt, 197371, Saint Petersburg.
Phones: 8 (921) 960-24-20, 8 (921) 960-24-21.
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 23:00.
Website: https://goroshini.ru/

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